Monday, October 30, 2006

Showcase Giveaways

Showcase Giveaways are giveaways on our blog that are products NOT made by Simply faBOWlous®. We do not typically run giveaways on our blog by other manufacturers. But, sometimes there are products that are so faBOWlous® we cannot resist.

Want to Run a Showcase Giveaway?
Your giveaway will NOT just sit on our blog in hopes that someone will stumble upon it. We run successful giveaways that will require contestants to visit your website and browse your collections.

And since it takes time, effort, and networking on our part to make sure your giveaway is a marketing success we ask for a payment of $20 per Showcase Giveaway (payable on-line via a PayPal invoice).

Upon payment here is what we will do:
1) Post your giveaway on our Simply faBOWlous® Blog for 2 weeks.

2) Tweet your giveaway on Twitter.

3) Announce your giveaway to our Simply faBOWlous® Facebook FANS.

4) Monitor and Post 'comments' for contest entry.

5) Send notification of the giveaway to at least 10 'blog giveaway' sites.

6) Choose winner based on RANDOM & COMMENT submissions.
Note: Since we do not actually 'review' products for our Showcase Giveaways; Simply faBOWlous® cannot endorse the vendors' products.


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