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Want to review our faBOWlous® products?

If you are a Mommy Reviewer with a Blog and would like to review one of our faBOWlous® products please read below:

Networking Requirements
We ask that you help us by networking with us and doing at least 3 of the 5 items listed below:

1) Follow Our Blog

2) Grab Our Button and Post it on Your Blog

3) Follow Us on Twitter

4) Become our Fan on Facebook

All of the above can be done from the sidebar of our blog. Once at least 3 of the above networking items have been done let us know and we can discuss an item to send for you to review/giveaway.

Other Important Info We Will Need to Know
1) Do you send the giveaway/review to other "giveaway" blogs?

2) Do you Tweet and/or Facebook about your giveaways?

3) If yes to the many followers/friends do you have?

4) How many blog followers do you have?
Min. of 50 required

5) How many giveaway/reviews have you done?
Min. of 12 required

6) What's the average number of comments you receive?
Average of 50 comments per giveaway/review required

7) Do you have a little one in mind for the products you receive?
Beginning in 2010 we are asking that all reviewers post a photo of a little one wearing our product instead of just copying photos from our website.

You can still use photos from our site for your blog write up, but you must also include a photo of a little one wearing what we send you.

We are expecting our giveaway to be marketed to draw other bloggers to our website NOT to just sit on your blog and hope some one finds it.

In exchange for your advertising efforts we let you keep the product, and often even let you pick out the product you wish to review.

Scheduling Requirements
Because of the demand by Mommy Reviewers to review our faBOWlous® products we ask for an approximate review/giveaway posting date.

And, since we typically do not like to have more than 3 reviews/giveaways outstanding at a time we ask that you are courteous and try to stick to the posting date you give us so Mommy Reviewers on our waiting list will also be able to review our products.

If we have 3 outstanding reviews/giveaways listed below we would be happy to add you to our "Waiting List" and contact you as soon as a spot opens.

Outstanding Reviews/Giveaways
1. You could be next...Email us for more information

Review/Giveaway Waiting List
1. You could be next...Email us for more information

Stealing...You Decide
The blog below has yet to post the review/giveaway for the items we sent and we have received no response to our sad!

The Mommy Diaries Blog
Mailed March 14th: RWC-Child Crochet Hat & RWC-Baby Mesh Hat
Item for Giveaway: Contestant Choice from Web Specials
Approximate Post Date: 1-2 weeks from Receipt

Past Product Reviews
Dandy Giveaway
Hot Pink w/ White Peony Mesh Baby Hat & Child Croceht Hat

Chubby Cheeks ThinksPeony Baby Hat & Hawaiian Flower Skinny Headband

Mama Dweeb
faBOWlous® Tutu Headband & Flower Headband

Take It From Me
Sequins Headband, Marabou Poof Hair Clip, Zebra Mesh flower Headband

Just For Me and You
Lil' Diva (pink & black tutu) & Pink Peony Crochet Hat

Mommy's Memorandon
White Peony Crochet Hat & Pink Dot Arch Headband

Happy Hour Mom
Interchangeable Mix -n- Match Headbands

Dandy Giveaway Blog
Peppermint Tutu w/ Matching Hair Clip

Me and My Boys Blog
Black w/ Hot Pink Daisy Crochet Headband & Red Peony Baby Hat

Baby BanZ Blog
Tutu & Flower Hat of Choice

Simply Stacie's Blog
Black w/ White Crochet Headband & Interchangeable Skinny Mesh Headband & Flower Hair Clip

Youthful Tips Blog
Brown w/ Pink Peony Crochet Headband & Pink Hawaiian Skinny Mesh Headband

Smile Box Reviews
Winner Choice from Web Sale Page

Unconditional Mom Blog
Peppermint Tutu & Pink Peony Mix -n- Match Headband w/ Hair Clip

Words from a Busy SAHM
Mix -n- Match Headband and Hair Clip

Todays Give Away
Marabou Poof and Pink Hawaiian Flower Hair Clips & Black w/ Pink Daisy Crochet Flower Hat

This Mama Rocks
Bailey Bow Crochet Headband & Pink Daisy Crochet Flower Hat

Mother-2-Mother Blog
White Peony Toddler/Child Crochet Hat & Headband

Design Baby
Bow Crochet Hat & Jewel Flower Headband

The Bragging Mommy
Brown w/ Pink Daisy Crochet Hat & Heartbreaker Tattoo Art Baby Hat

Our Ordinary Life
Red w/ White Daisy & White w/ Red Daisy

JoJo's Place
White Peony Crochet Headband & White Flower Arch Headband

KiddiesCorner Deals
Candy Cane Tutu, Red & White Bow Crochet Hat, and a White w/ Red Daisy Crochet Headband

Busy-Mommy Blog
Bubmle Bee Costume Tutu Set

Mommy PR Blog
Red Glitzy Arch Headabnd,Black Sequins Flower Cip,Red Marabou Poof,Red & White 4.5" Hair Bow

Jabbering Jessi
Bumble Bee Costume Tutu

Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House
White Daisy & White w/ Pink Carnation Crochet Headbands

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Green Baby Daisy Hair Clip & Hot Pink Daisy Headband

Alicia's Reviews & Giveaways
Brown w/ White Daisy Crochet Hat & Black Sequins Flower Clip

Buy By Mom Blog
Orange Flower Sun Hat

Gobs of Giveaways Blog
Pink Daisy Child Crochet Hat & Mini Yellow Rose Hair Clip

Pour Some Sugar On Me Blog
Pink Daisy Crochet Headband, Pink Mini Daisy & Baby Daisy Hair Clips

The Flammes Blog
Lil' Diva Tutu

Katydid and Kid Blog
White Daisy Cotton Headband

Tales From a Shopaholic Mommy Blog
Red & Black Marabou Poof Hair Clips

A Couch with a View
Pink w/ Pink Daisy Crochet Hat

Keeping Life Frantic
Assorted Hair Clips (Marabou Poofs, Flower Clips, Bows)

Baby Wears Prada
Crochet Hat & Headband

Mommy Enterprises
Vintage Tattoo Art Baby Hat

Jamie's Precious Peas
Petal Poof Keepsake Tutu

Does Mommy Love It
Cotton Flower Baby Hat

The Not So Blog
Marabou Poof Hair Clips

Jamie's Precious Peas
Cotton Flower Headband & Glitzy Arch Headband

Goodies for Mom
Li'l Rocker Wraps

Swanky Moms
Mesh Flower Baby Hat

Little Window Shoppe
Holiday Keepsake Tutu

Trendy Mommy
Mesh Flower Baby Hat & Website

Crochet Tutu Headband & Marabou Poof Hair Clip

Cool Baby Kids
Glitzy Cotton & Ribbon Covered Arch Headbands

Celebrity Baby Blog
Hair Bow Holders

You may also want to view customer reviews, additional press, and celebrity feedback on our website.


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