Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Review Giveaways

Review Giveaways are giveaways on our blog that are products NOT made by Simply faBOWlous®. They are giveaways of products that we have actually received ourselves so we can endorse the product.

Want us to host a Review Giveaway?
Review Giveaways are FREE to run on our blog. You must send us the same product you will be giving away and the product will NOT be returned to you.

Please contact us at info(at)faBOWlous(dot)com for information on scheduling a Review Giveaway.

All items received as review products will be kept. These will not be used as the giveaway item(s) or sent back to you.

You are responsible for mailing out the winners prize. We do not make any money running this giveaway and mailing would get very expensive if we had to mail out each Review Giveaway hosted.

About Our Giveaways:
Your giveaway will NOT just sit on our blog in hopes that someone will stumble upon it. We run successful giveaways that will require contestants to visit your website and browse your collections. Upon receiving your product we will...

1) Reveiw your product & Post your giveaway on our Simply faBOWlous® Blog for 2 weeks.

2) Tweet your giveaway on Twitter.

3) Announce your giveaway to our Simply faBOWlous® Facebook FANS.

5) Send notification of the giveaway to at least 10 'blog giveaway' sites.

6) Choose winner based on RANDOM & COMMENT submissions.


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