Monday, February 1, 2010

February BFFs & faBOWlous® Coupon Codes

faBOWlous® Coupon Codes
Visit the sites below to find coupon codes for Simply faBOWlous® on-line shopping discounts!

Then you can visit our on-line store, shop, enter your coupon code, and SAVE (don't forget we always offer FREE shipping)!

20% Off Valentine Accessories: Expires February 14, 2010
(no code taken at checkout)

faBOWlous® February Sale: Expires February 28, 2010
(no code needed)

What's a BFF?
Blogger's faBOWlous® Freebies...of course!

Now you can see what other bloggers are giving away and enter their contests/giveaways, as well as ours. Just click on the links below to visit their blogs and register for their giveaways!

Ending January 31
faBOWlous® Facebook Giveaway: Red Tutu Headband (3 winners)

Ending February 15
Mommy Enterprises: Kroger Gift Card - $25

Ending February 18
Mommy Enterprises: Girls Night Cosmetics - Pack of 7 Nail Polishes

Ending February 19
Smile Box Reviews: faBOWlous® Item of Choice

Ending February 22
Unconditional Mom: Peppermint Tutu & Pink Peony Interchangeable Headband

Ending February 26 Sephora Gift Certificate - $50 - 4 winners

Note: Simply faBOWlous® does not endorse other vendors, contests, or giveaways.

More faBOWlous® Information
Have a Giveaway & Want To Be Our BFF...view details.

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