Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mix and Match with Simply faBOWlous®!

Simply faBOWlous® is proud to announce the arrival of our newest collection of children's accessories, Interchangeable Headbands! Customers have spoken and Simply faBOWlous® listened.

Here's how it works...You choose a starter set that will include a headband and a hair clip.

Mix & Match Headbands come in crochet, cotton, solid grosgrain, and grosgrain polka dot, and hair clips range from bows to flowers.

From there the possibilities are endless...You pick your own color combinations by ordering additional clips.

Words from a Busy SAHM blog had the opportunity to check out our newest concept in accessories. Take a look at her reaction...

"My daughter immediately wanted to put them on. We ended up leaving for vacation the week we received them and she just had to take them all with her."

"All of the products that I received were made to last."

"faBOWlous® has a ton of different items to choose from."

If you are looking for a chance to try our newest line, go to Words from a Busy SAHM. We are offering this unique opportunity to try our products and make your own combination. You can win:

Remember, Simply faBOWlous® listens to your requests. We would love to hear from you...your idea might just be our next line of products.


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