Thursday, December 31, 2009

faBOWlous® Blessings in 2009

There is much to be thankful for in 2009.

Our first THANK YOU goes out to all of you, our faBOWlous® customers! It is truly a blessing that we ended this year the same as we did last year. Most companies want to see an increase of business and not have a "wash" so why are we excited that we ended the same in 2009 as we did in 2008....because we are in a recession which can be very scary for businesses. And, thanks to all of you, our customers, we did not have a loss this year.
Keep sending us those faBOWlous® photos, like the one above, of your little ones wearing our products. We just love them. See more in our Glitzy Photo Gallery.

A big THANK YOU to all moms that help make our products since our products are handmade by stay-at-home moms we could not do it without them. We also use other mom-preneurs when buying our raw materials, so we were able to help support their small businesses. We hope you will support your local boutiques and mom-preneur shops in 2010.

Of course we cannot forget to THANK our boutiques & shops. We are getting closer to our goal of offering our products in all 50 states. We now service 300 boutiques in 34 states so we only need 16 more states...2010 here we come! In addition we are now in 8 countries across the world.

Social Media proved to be big in 2009. Simply faBOWlous® joined Facebook & Twitter. So, another THANK YOU goes out to all of our fans & followers. To our amazement we have over 600 fans on Facebook and hope to hit our goal of 1,000 this year. We even created a Facebook Application so you can send CONGRATS to a friend who is having or recently had a baby. Check out our Baby faBOWlous Gift application and send CONGRATS to one of your friends. If you do not Facebook you can also find us on Twitter and become one of our 500+ followers.

We adopted a great cause this year, the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation (BBAF). THANK YOU Renee Baio for championing such a worth while cause. We were able to donate over $500 this year to BBAF and hope to double that in 2010. With your help we can! Shop with a cause...When you purchase an item from our faBOWlous Pink & Brown Angel Line $1 from each item sold will go directly to BBAF.

We are amazed at where we are and we hope all of you will join us in reaching for your goals in 2010...Whatever they may be they are only a dream away!


  1. Nice , I have a few !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Sending many good luck Honks from Times Square !!


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