Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Traveling Rep. Warning

While we take full responsibility in not researching this "rep" good enough we would now like to warn other mom-based businesses about this so called "rep".

We have tried not to interject any of our opinion in the facts stated below, and we can back-up every statement via emails we have on file.

The Facts About "Little Binkins"
We received an email from Niki Longo, with Little Binkins, about representing our product line...Stating:

"Little Binkins is the branch of our company that represents hip, new upscale brands for babies, tweens, and teens."

"I currently the Metro DC area; and a few fabulous brands recently launched in 2008 with territory in the Delaware, DC, Maryland, & Virginia."

We agreed to "terms" and sent "samples" to Niki Longo/Little Binkins.

Due to not having made one single sale and poor communication we decided that Niki Longo/Little Binkins was not a good fit for Simply faBOWlous.

We have a "read receipt" from an email sent to Niki Longo/Little Binkins informing her of our decision to end our agreement and asked for our "samples" to be returned.

Niki Longo/Little Binkins replied and here are some of the things she stated:

"I am so sorry for the lack of communication and am so embarrassed."

"I assure you that the samples are in perfect condition, as sent."

"Due to a variety of factors we haven't been able to present them to our retailers."

"I apologize for starting off on the wrong foot & hope we can re-establish a good working relationship."

We, being naive, decided to give Niki Longo/Little Binkins a second chance.

Still not one sale had been made so we sent Niki Longo/Little Binkins an email stating that indeed our relation would need to come to an end and to please send us back our samples.

After getting no reply to email or phone calls we again sent Niki Longo/Little Binkins an email stating that indeed our relation would need to come to an end and to please send us back our samples.

We sent Niki Longo/Little Binkins an "invoice" via PayPal for $540 (the wholesale value) of our samples.

We informed Niki Longo/Little Binkins that we had contacted an attorney about the situation.

Niki Longo/Little Binkins sent us an email stating

"No need to spend the money on an attorney & filing fees."

To Date
Niki Longo/Little Binkins has not paid the invoice...has not made one sale...and now will not answer our emails or phone calls.

We are alerting Niki Longo/Little Binkins to this post and will let you know if she responds, returns our samples, or pays for the samples she currently has.


  1. I'm sick of dishonest people! Some people have no class!

  2. So saddened that you all who were fantastic to work with got treated this way. Hopefully they pay their invoice.


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