Thursday, March 5, 2009

BFFs for March

What's a BFF?
Blogger's faBOWlous® Freebies...of course!

Now you can see what other bloggers are giving away and enter their contests/giveaways, as well as ours. Just click on the links below to visit their blogs and register for their giveaways!

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Giveaways Ending March 6, 2009
The Mom Buzz: FLOR 5x7 Rug
Does Mommy Love It?: Inspired Crib Bedding Pillow

Giveaways Ending March 7, 2009
The Mom Buzz: Kid Safe Ink
The Mom Buzz: Bikini Body DVDs
Does Mommy Love It?: Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Giveaways Ending March 8, 2009
Welcome to the Motherhood: HipFusion Designs Giveaway
The Not-So-Blog: Preggie Pops

Giveaways Ending March 10, 2009
The Mom Buzz: Doodlebug Dezigns Full Service PhotoCards
Does Mommy Love It?: Whistlefritz CD and DVD Pack
The Not-So-Blog: Funky Kidz Music CD Giveaway

Giveaways Ending March 11, 2009
Welcome to the Motherhood: You Can Make This ($50 Prize Package)
Welcome to the Motherhood: Inko's Healthy White Tea
The Not-So-Blog: Room It Up Laptop Messenger Bag

Giveaways Ending March 12, 2009
Does Mommy Love It?: Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center (book)

Giveaways Ending March 13, 2009
Favor-able Events: Handmade Set of Tea Bag Holders

Giveaways Ending March 16, 2009
Goodies for Mom: Mom Works, Inc. Tee & Cinch Sack

Giveaways Ending March 17, 2009
The Mom Buzz: Mally Bibs
Does Mommy Love It?: Revolution Foods Lunch Box Kit

Giveaways Ending March 18, 2009
The Mom Buzz: Born2Impress Gift Certificate

Giveaways Ending March 19, 2009
Welcome to the Motherhood: Jackie Heinsohn's Born 2 Race Bracelet
Jamie's Precious Peas: Your Couture Kid Footstool

Giveaways Ending March 20, 2009
The Mom Buzz: Label Lighthouse Super Pack

Giveaways Ending March 23, 2009
Does Mommy Love It?: Myself Belts
Does Mommy Love It?: Love Bug Kids Clippies
Welcome to the Motherhood: Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal System
Welcome to the Motherhood: Montagne Jeunesse Spring Time Gift Basket

Giveaways Ending March 24, 2009
Does Mommy Love It?: Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Spa Basket

Giveaways Ending March 25, 2009
Does Mommy Love It?: Comfy Cozy Glow in the Dark Pillowcase

Giveaways Ending March 28, 2009
Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy: Book: Mommy Grace, Erasing Your Mommy Guilt (5 winners!!)
Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy: Book: Mommy Grace, Erasing Your Mommy Guilt (5 winners!!)
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