Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giveaway Galore!

Thank you to everyone that entered our giveaway today on facebook. Your suggestions will be taken into account when we feature sale items in the future.

Today, we had a total of 16 entries. A number was assigned to each of the names as they came into the facebook page. These are the names along with their number:

1. T Walla Grant
2. Jessica Virgili
3. Shayne Boucher
4. Kacheckia DeWitt
5. Renee Pietrangeli-serra
6. Jessica Sawyer Mock
7. Stephanie Barnes
8. Kimberly Bitzer Smith
9. Natalie Salas
10. Monica daniels Armour
11. Alicia Cram Lakhansingh
12. Jennifer Kurtz hall
13. Desiree Kraft
14. Nicole Hunkel
15. Kari Schenck-Band
16. Katie Jennewein Caslow

Our Winners are:

#6 Jessica Sawyer Mock

#15 Kari Schenck

#2 Jessica Virgili

If you are a winner...please email us at with your mailing address. Congratulations!


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