Sunday, June 20, 2010

Village of Moms Finds Mixer Headbands to be Great Fun!

The Village of Moms Blog was eager to check out our Simply faBOWlous® products. Take a look at a few of her pictures and comments...Also look for ways to win the products they are wearing!

Who says hair clips are just for babies?

How adorable is this Mini Diva wearing our Orange Sequin Mixer band with the Hot Pink Peony?

And, Mommy Diva seems to be holding her own while sporting our Hawaiian Flower Clip in Turquoise!

Don't they both look faBOWlous®! And, although Mom wore the clip because her little one does not have shows that the clip can be worn at all ages...Not just for little ones!

Here are a few comments from "Mommy Diva" herself...

"I was impressed with the quality and soft fabric of both headbands."

"Mixer headbands are great fun because there are an endless number of possibilities when you interchange the removable flower clips."

"It’s the ultimate hair accessory for the most “bang for your buck.”"

Lime and Hot Pink Mod Mixer Set with a Hot Pink Daisy

After traveling, and packing our faBOWlous® accessories, Mommy Diva said...

"...they held up extremely well."

"I can tell that these flowers will definitely last us through many “rough” days."

Want to win the following accessories?
1. Orange Sequins Mixer Headband with Pink Peony...Retails for $15
(available in 4 color options)

2. Lime/Hot Pink Mixer Headband...Retails for $15
(available in 3 color options)

3. Hawaiian Sequin Flower Clip...Retails for $7
(available in 8 color options)

Click on the Button to look for over 13 ways to enter to Win....But Hurry because the contest Ends June 27th.
Village of Moms

Or, if you just can't wait shop directly at Simply faBOWlous® by clicking HERE.


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