Saturday, February 27, 2010

Layla Grace Day on Facebook

We read this post on Facebook and it weighed heavily on our hearts so we felt lead to act:

On LAYLA GRACE DAY, let's all do our best to support the Marsh Family. If we all gave even just $1, they would have over $23,000 to help with medical bills!!!! Imagine what $5 or $10 would do to help!!! During this HORRIBLE time, their finances should be the last thing on their minds!

Go to her website: and click "donate". When you do, come back here and post "I COMMIT!"

Our company, Simply faBOWlous®, is small but our entire staff has been praying for Layla since we heard the news about her battle with cancer. We only know Shanna, Layla's Mom, from her reviewing our flower hats & flower headbands on her Baby Wears Prada Blog. Our hearts and lives have truly been touched by her strength.

Since not everyone can donate, or make a purchase, to have money go to this wonderful cause we would like to follow in the steps of Ruffle Butts (regretfully on a much smaller level).

We would like to donate $250 for 250 FANS...That way it costs people nothing to make a donation...Simply click and become our FAN and we will donate $1 for each FAN for the next 250 FANS.

1. Become a FAN of Simply faBOWlous® and spread the word

2. If you become a FAN for Layla please post "I COMMIT!" on our wall.

The $250 donation was sent to the Marsh family 2-28-10.

Our prayers are with Little Layla and the entire family...Read more about the Marsh Family


  1. We could not wait another second...We sent in the donation today!

    If you feel lead to donate to the family there is a link on her Facebook page.


    I wanted to share this link with you. I added your button!

    I have been in touch with Layla's mom and asked if I could create this site for her. She said, yes.

    Please help me pass it on!


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