Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simply faBOWlous® Hats & Headbands Rock!

Another blogger just loves Simply faBOWlous®.

This Mama Rocks took a look at our Pink with Pink Daisy Crochet Hat and the Brown with Pink Brown Polka Dot Bow.

"One of the fun things about having a baby girl is getting to dress her up and cute little dresses and of course putting hair bows in their hair or headbands on their head."

"Simply faBOWlous® is a boutique shop that has some really cute things for girls such as many different types of headbands, flowers, crochet hats and adorable tutu's!"

"The hat is so soft and stretchy."

"I find myself some days trying to find an outfit to coordinate with her headband just so I can put it on her that day. The headband is stretchy and fits her head perfect."

Go to This Mama Rocks Blog for your opportunity to win a Pink with Pink Daisy Crochet Hat and our Brown with Pink Brown Polka Dot Headband.

She is giving you multiple opportunities to enter the contest but hurry...you have until December 18th to enter!

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