Thursday, October 22, 2009

Headbands for Babies to Teens (and all inbetween)!

JoAnna from Jo Jo's Place Blog had the chance to let us know what she thought of our faBOWlous® products.

Her girls tried out two of our most popular headbands:
1) White Daisy Arch Headband (for 'tweens & teens)
2) White Peony Crochet Headband (for NB - age 6).

Here is a snipet of what she had to say about Simply faBOWlous®:
"When we received them, I of course thought they were so cute and couldn’t wait for school the next day for these to adorn the girls heads!"

"What I loved about this is the Peony head band didn’t lose it’s shape." "There are lot’s of colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect color to go with your daughters outfit."

JoAnna adds the following for everyone to keep in mind:
"If the flowers aren’t your thing that’s ok too, because you will find head bands with bows and rhinestones to tutus and hair bows. There are so many cute things to choose from."

Read her complete review or go to Jo Jo's Place for the opportuntity to win these two great headbands!

And, Don't forget to check out our complete line of accessories for children!


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