Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bailey Baio Angel: October 2009

Simply faBOWlous® is proud to be an Angel Sponsor of the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation® (BBAF), started by Scott & Renee Baio.

Each month a special child with a metabolic disorder is chosen to be the foundation's Angel.

Angel for October 2009
This month's Angel is Austin. Austin is a five year old that was diagnosised with 3 Methlglutanc Aciduria Type 1. This diagnosis came after being 3 months old and 3 newborn screenings that are still often referred to as the PKU test. Austin's disorder has been controlled with a combination of medication and a low protein diet. Mom's "hope is that sharing Austin's story may help her connect with another family whose child has this disorder, and to help others, regardless of their child's disorder."

Please take a moment to read Austin's full story

The Mission
The foundation's goal is to gain awareness and help raise funds for expanded newborn screening, while also providing support to children & families that are coping with metabolic disorders...learn more about the BBAF!

Want to Help?
Please join us in supporting the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation®. By purchasing a Bailey Hat or Bailey Headband, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation®, started by Scott & Renee Baio.


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