Saturday, June 6, 2009

BBAF: June 2009 Angel

Simply faBOWlous® is proud to be an Angel Sponsor of the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation® (BBAF), started by Scott & Renee Baio.

Each month a special child with a metabolic disorder is chosen to be the foundation's Angel.

Angel for June 2009
This month's Angel is Jack Damien Preader "J.D.", a precious baby boy with GA-1.

"I am extremely grateful for the mandatory expanded newborn screening in California as we have been able to do early treatment and intervention for J.D. and I know that I need to be a strong advocate for him to get his medical needs met." (Melissa, J.D.'s mom)

Please take a moment to read J.D.'s full story.

The Mission
The foundation's goal is to gain awareness and help raise funds for expanded newborn screening, while also providing support to children & families that are coping with metabolic disorders...learn more about the BBAF!

Want to Help?
Please join us in supporting the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation®. By purchasing a Bailey Hat or Bailey Headband, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation®, started by Scott & Renee Baio.


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