Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tame that Mane!

Why is it that some children have that perfect head of hair while others have that out-of-control mop top (sometimes cute, sometimes...). Perhaps it is genetics or maybe moms (and dads) have a few tricks up their sleeves.

One thing you might try, even with toddlers, is a conditioner following their shampoo. There are several on the market such as Johnson's Buddies Easy-comb conditioner. We've used My Buddies Hair Detangler, but our current favorite is Breck For Kids Tangle-free DETANGLER. Our favorite sent is Melon Burst and for my girl it truly does moisturize as it removes knots. You may even want to use it after a quick summertime swim, or the rinse-off that follows. You'll find your child's hair much more manageable.

Consider also pulling hair back to keep it from "ratting" up. Our Simply FaBOWlous Headbands and Hair Bows ALWAYS top it off for us.

For older children, consider other fun hair options like straightening the hair, or curling it up and using other styling options such as Frizz-ease. You'll find that using a few of these tricks will help you-tame that mane!


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