Saturday, June 30, 2007

"No Hair, So... Don't care?"

Come on, we all know that having too much hair can lead to bad hair days, but what about not enough?

Don't panic if your baby is as bald as our national bird. Bald is beautiful. So, your darling gal has been mistaken as your chubby bubby boy. Don't despair that there is too little, if any, hair to put barettes or bows into.

Here's where the fashionista in you might add some glitz and glam on that baby's gorgeous head with our organza or crochet headbands. Or you might go all out and consider our Simply FaBOWlous infant or bohemian caps. These don bright flowers with just a touch of bling and are made to match or jazz up any outfit.

Think about it. Let your girly girl be the center of attention. She'll love all those doting smiles.


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